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Q&A with Keri

April 26, 2010

It was suggested that I start by answering a few questions.  Feel free to comment and ask your own questions.

1.  Who the “heck” is Keri Anderson?

I spent my life, until May 2008, living and believing the doctrines and lifestyle of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  Then God pursued me, broke me, and brought me to Himself.  You can read about that in “About Keri” or listen to my story in “My Story” section.

What you may not know is that I have completed two women’s triathlons.  Yes, completed – and swam, biked, run, without stopping.  I’m quite proud of that :).  Also, as you can imagine I enjoy sports and the outdoors.  I also, when time allows, enjoy quilting (making rag quilts), cross-stitching, and reading.  I own a Jack Russell Terrier named, Annie, that was recently diagnosed as going blind.  She is 13 years old.

You may wonder about the “Keri Anderson”.  My given name is Carolyn Macomber.  After much thought I realized that I have been given new life (2008) in quite a miraculous way through the sacrifice of Christ for my sin.  With this new life comes a desire to have a new name.  “Keri” is a name I’ve always liked and secretly desired to have as my name since I was a little girl.  “Anderson” seemed like a good fit with Keri.  Also, a woman at the church that I go to (who has a daughter close to my age) began to call me her “newest adopted daughter”.  Her last name is Anderson … so I choose Anderson.  I’m now looking into a new middle name and am thinking of a friend that led me to know Jesus as my sole source for my salvation … and using something from her name as my middle name.  Haven’t decided if it will be her first name, middle name, or maiden name.  Kinda fun …

2.  Why blog about your journey?  Are you bitter?

Great question!  I’m blogging, because it was suggested by a dear friend who is also transitioning out of Adventism.  And I hope/pray that it can be an encouragement and help to those who are also searching or transitioning.  No, I am not bitter.  I have never been more joyful.  Yet, my heart is burdened and saddened for those still caught believing that Adventism is biblical and true.

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3.  What prompted you to question Adventism?  Were you wronged by someone?

I was not wronged by someone – nor was I treated unkindly which caused me to leave Adventism.  Indeed, I have had experiences where others (Seventh-day Adventists or the organization did treat me wrongly), but I always stuck by the organization, because I believed it to be Biblical and true.  Since leaving Adventism (I had already chosen to leave) I have been treated “strangely” by those still in Adventism.

The things that prompted me to question Adventism are detailed in “my story”.  In a nutshell … I always wondered about the legitimacy of Ellen White, the Adventist understanding of the “Mark of the Beast”, the seal of God being the “sabbath”, and why lovely Sunday Keeping Christians, who seemed to know God, didn’t “GET IT!!”.  Something always seemed missing.

4.  What were some of your fears/apprehensions about leaving Adventism?

I would lose my salvation.  I would dishonor God.  I was going to hell if I left.  Ellen White says that those who leave the Sabbath will “howl in agony” … wouldn’t that put the fear of the Lord in your heart!  I was afraid I’d lose all my friends … I was concerned about my career … All I ever knew was working for the Seventh-day Adventist Church … How would I survive outside of Adventism … everything seemed “foreign” to me outside of the “bubble” I knew all my life.  I was afraid I might never know what “truth” was, because I thought/believed that Adventists had the closest thing to “truth” there was.  If Adventism wasn’t true – then could you ever know what was truth!!

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  1. Fred permalink
    May 2, 2010 4:45 am

    Hey 🙂

    It’s been quite a while. While “perusing” the magazine Proclamation I came across your article and I said…wait a minute, I know that lady! I’m just writing to let you know that whether Keri or Carolyn, Adventist or no longer Adventist, I know and remember you as friend! And as a friend I wish you all the best as you walk this new journey with God. Please keep in touch and perhaps one day our paths shall cross once again!


    • May 2, 2010 7:28 pm

      Hi Fred,
      Yes, I hope our paths cross again, too. Where are you and I think congrats are in order – don’t you have a little one running around!


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