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Rainbow Gazette

June 6, 2010

The Rainbow Gazette


by your fur-eign correspondent, NO AH

Obituary:  The great, great, {great times 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000} grandson of Tom and Gerry, Mickey, has died.   Tom and Ger were troopers many years ago when we rode out the “big one” together.

Mickey and Minnie

It is understood that Mickey, and an accomplice, Minnie, were in the attic of a Miss Keri Anderson.  Mickey and Minnie upon seeing their chance stole a bite of cheese which was intended to catch a flying squirrel. Both Mickey and Minnie were caught in the act  or shall we say “found their demise as they coveted another’s goods”.  We honestly do NOT grieve their passing.



Crawdad giving the princess wave

Rat on steriods "woodchuck"

Rat on steriods "woodchuck"

by fur-eign correspondent Dr. Dolittle

It is apparent that Miss Anderson is attracting all kinds of critters to her new abode.  She was taking her blind 13 year old Jack Russel Terrier outside when Miss Anderson nearly stepped on an ugly beady-eyed creature that looked like a scorpion.  On closer observation, the critter (who shall we say is as ugly as sin) had a curled grey tail with a fin.  Miss Anderson made sure that her dog, Annie, went nowhere near the “ugly” creature.

Then while lounging on the couch Miss Anderson observed a rat on steriods saunter off her cement back porch into the woods.  She left the comfort of her home to search out the creature that had dared come so close.  Unfortunately, or fortunately she was unable to find any trace of it.

Miss Anderson, has since taken up learning “animaleze” from me, Dr. Dolittle, so she can speak to the animals.  The first word she asked to learn was “shew”.  She has learned this word with gusto “SHEW!”.

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