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Armageddon!!! (A Parody :-) )

June 9, 2010

Doomsday Clock

[Parody – Hope you don’t mind me poking fun at my own expense :)]


It has begun

The battle has begun.  The lines are drawn.  There WILL be death.  It is certain.

(Many of you have been reading previous posts about my most recent move into the country where my attic has squirrels, mice, signs of bat habitation, woodchucks gnawing on the house, and a crawdad strolling through my back yard.)

This afternoon when I came back from running some errands I walked downstairs.  And I found climbing down a curtain that shields a sliding glass door to the back porch … non-other than Mickey’s cousin, beady eyed Harry.  Harry scurried down, took a leap towards the bench by the fireplace and ran behind some unopened boxes.  I did the most wise thing to do in a situation of this kind … I ran upstairs to call a friend.  We had just been talking about my Dr. Doolittle, NO AH excursions.  She recommended calling my landlady.

My landlady armed me to the hilt with mouse traps (the sticky thingies) and I told her this was out and out war now.  No living creature that was meant for the forest would be sharing my living quarters.  NO LIVING CREATURE.  Yes, it is Armageddon for them.  I know this isn’t a Christian feeling or thought, and you can call me what you wish (the mark of the beast, whatever), but it is war and doomsday is coming.  And I won’t be the one caught unawares … no, no … it will be the “other” one who is caught unawares.

Hiding in my attic are 8 sticky traps and two near my fireplace …

The war has begun and I will not stop until all have found their demise or their way out of my new home.

Thank you for sharing this experience with me, but it is now the beginning of the END.


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