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Mistaken Identity

June 16, 2010

I apologize for not posting earlier this week … got a little busy.

I just finished the above book, “Mistaken Identity”.  Amazing book of God’s sustaining grace and love to a family that was heart-broken.  I highly recommend this book!!!

A friend of mine mentioned the book to me two years ago … My friend graduated from Taylor University where the main characters from the book were from.

Synopsis:  Several students from Taylor University were in a  horrific accident.  5 people were killed in the van.  At the scene of the accident, one student with critical injuries was misidentified and taken to the hospital, Whitney Cerak.  The family of one of the girls killed in the accident was told that their daughter was in critical condition, Laura Van Ryan.  The Van Ryan family cared for Whitney Cerak, thinking it was Laura Van Ryan, for 5 weeks.  As soon as they realized it was Whitney, they notified the correct authorities.  The Cerak’s had already had a funeral for their daughter Whitney, when a strange call came to them – saying bring Whitney’s dental records to the hospital – we believe your daughter is alive …

The Van Ryan’s then had to grieve the loss of their daughter, Laura, that had actually died in the accident.

The strength God gave both of these families, Cerak’s and Van Ryan’s is amazing … their grief is real and profound – but mixed with the realization that God can carry human’s through the worst …


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